Quantum Impact Consultants

Mr. Butler brings to Quantum Impact twenty years of experience leading technology and business creativity through engineering, customer relationship building and product marketing. Prior to this role, he held various positions of leadership in sales and marketing in semiconductor industry market leading companies.

In addition to his commercial roles, Mr. Butler has developed intellectual property strategy for multiple businesses since 2002. His experience covers IP training, IP strategy with R&D/Marketing /Legal on invention disclosures, applications and trade secrets.

Mr. Butler earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering technology at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas and is a member of the federal patent bar as a registered patent agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Associates Areas of Expertise

  • Business strategic planning (and process)
  • Intellectual asset management and strategy
  • Sales planning, training
  • Contract negotiations (NDA, sales, supply/distribution, collaboration, licenses)
  • M&A growth objectives
  • Marketing programs (New product development, product management, marketing communications, market research)

About Our Company

Quantum Impact Consultants, LLC was formed in 2009 to assist technology-focused companies with sales excellence, marketing, intellectual property strategy and business execution.   We focus on mid to large businesses with significant growth trajectories.

The Quantum Impact Methods

Working on the philosophy that we help you by first getting to know you, our team engages our prospective clients to understand their business goals, operations and unique methods for creating value for their clients. Next we work to understand the perceived and actual challenges that are holding the client back in respect to growth. Based on this initial client assessment, together with the client we determine if there is a solution set available with Quantum Impact that supports a project.

The formula is simple, Who are you? What are your needs? Can we help you?

What We Deliver

Quantum Impact brings together decades of business experience in domestic and international growth businesses. Achievements include business initiation from groundbreaking to multibillion dollar sales; world class supply chain and procurement processes; marketing and business strategic planning, sales and operations planning.

  • Increased sales through formal training methods
  • Increased market penetration with comprehensive market research and competitive landscaping
  • Improved profits through process optimization
  • Decision support for executive planning