Quantum Impact Consultants

Quantum Impact Consultants is a business consulting firm serving global technology clients by accelerating revenue and product success through services in Business Execution, Market Strategy and Sales Effectiveness. Emerging from our foundation for helping clients achieve high performance are three pillars: Leadership, Innovation and Vision.

Quantum Impact clients benefit from our accumulated industry experience in each focus area by our thorough understanding of business issues thwarting growth and proven solutions to eliminate them.  We recognize that our clients understand their businesses and are confident that, with us as growth accelerators, will accrue significant value as a result of our expertise.


Business Execution


Market Strategy


Sales Effectiveness


  • Executive Coaching
  • Operations strategy and steering
  • Cost optimization
  • Business agreements


  • Strategic planning
  • Business plans
  • Targeted marketing research
  • Intellectual asset management


  • Sale performance assessments
  • Sales training
  • Sales compensation and analysis